Important Announcements

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Dear Respected Brothers & Sisters


1st Announcement

As brothers and Sisters may be aware (from the reminder made last Friday) that the Courtyard work for the Majsid was due to start.

Alhamdulillah, the work has started.
The work being carried out is:
New permanent Roofing and Underfloor heating for the courtyard to be installed Insha Allah.
The total cost of this project will be £45,000.00

We request Brothers and Sisters to make Dua for the project and to donate generously towards the cost of this.

You may contribute by cash in the office, or through bank transfer online.
The payment details are as follows:

Account Name: Islamic Culture Centre (Wembley)
Sort Code: 20-92-60
A/C: 00573396
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Ref: Construction

May Allah accept from you and your family. Aameen.

2nd Announcement
Because of the ongoing work at the Masjid, Insha Allah, the Jumma Salat this Friday will be held at:

Islamic Cultural Centre Wembley
Community & Education Centre
Monks Park

There will be no Jumma Salat at the existing Masjid.

Certain guidelines we would like all to follow for smooth operation is that:

1) please be mindful of the residents and please keep noise level down at all times.

2) please attend and disperse immediately after the prayer. Please do not hang around outside.

3) please comply with the volunteers at all times

4) please Park your vehicles considerately, do not block driveways and do not obstruct pathways.

5) Because of the limitations, we will “NOT” have any access for females currently. Female prayer facilities for Jummah will be suspended until further notice.

6) If you or any family member have symptoms of Covid, please refrain from attending the congregation.

7) All Attendees will be required to sanitise hands upon entry and will need to wear face masks at all times within the building.
If you are exempt from wearing a face mask, you must clearly have a badge or lanyard displaying your exemption.

3rd Announcement
It is with great sadness, we inform you of the demise of Brother Abdur Rashid (Gas Engineer)
May Allah forgive him, grant him Jannatul Firdaus and grant Family, friends, relatives patience upon this. Aameen.

Insha-Allah, the Janazah Salat will be held at Harrow Central Masjid after Zuhar Salat (1pm) tomorrow.
All are requested to attend Insha Allah.

Jazakumullah Khairan

Imam Abdullah

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